Museum and Archives Advisory Committee Agenda

June 15, 2017

5:00 p.m.

Fine Annex, Peterborough Museum and Archives




Call to Order



Confirmation of Minutes



May 11, 2017



Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest


Determination of items requiring separate consideration


For your convenience, circle the items you wish to consider separately:


Item Number      4        5



Museum Director

Report MAAC17-010

Peterborough Museum & Archives: Exterior Cladding and Window Project - Update




A report to present to Committee an update on the Peterborough Museum & Archives Exterior Cladding and Window Project.



Museum Director

Report MAAC17-009

PMA Exhibition and Insurance Policy Revisions




A report to recommend revisions to the Peterborough Museum & Archives (PMA) Exhibition Policy and Insurance Policy.



Museum Director

Report MAAC17-011

Peterborough Museum & Archives: Report on Activities




A report to advise Committee on the current and upcoming activities of the Peterborough Museum & Archives.




Other Business


Next Meeting - October 12, 2017