Arenas, Parks And Recreation Advisory Committee Agenda

November 21, 2017

5:30 p.m.


Community Services Office



Call To Order



Confirmation of Minutes



October 17, 2017



Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest


Determination of items requiring separate consideration


For your convenience, circle the items you wish to consider separately:


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Recreation Division Coordinator

Report APRAC17-038

Multi-Use Trails Update




A report to provide an update on multi-use trail development projects, through a presentation by the City’s Transportation Demand Planner.



Director of Community Services

Report APRAC17-041

Update on Improving Relations with Local First Nations and Aboriginal Groups




A report to provide a presentation update on the development of a process to advance communications, consultations, and relations with local First Nations, Métis and Aboriginal Groups.



Supervisor Parks and Forestry

Report APRAC17-040

Procurement Update - Play Structures and Outdoor Gym




A report to the provide an update on the procurement process for park play structures at Cameron and James Stevenson Parks, and the outdoor gym equipment at Beavermead Park.



Recreation Division Coordinator

Report APRAC17-039

2020 Ontario Summer Games Hosting Bid Results




A report to inform of the outcome of Peterborough’s bid to host the 2020 Ontario Summer Games. 



Recreation Division Coordinator

Report APRAC17-037

2018 APRAC Meeting Schedule




A report to present and seek approval of the proposed 2018 Arenas Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee meeting schedule.


Other Business


Next Meeting - January 16, 2018 (tentative)