Planning Committee Agenda

May 24, 2016

6:30 p.m.

Council Chambers





Opening of Meeting


Thirty Seconds of Reflection


National Anthem



Confirmation of Minutes



May 9, 2016



Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest


Determination of items requiring separate consideration


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Item Number     6


Public Meetings under The Planning Act - Items 3, 4 and 5



Manager, Planning Division

Report PLPD16-039

159 Douro Street




A report to evaluate the planning merits of amending the SP.52 – Special Commercial District Zoning for the property known as 159 Douro Street to expand the list of permitted uses to add ‘a florist shop’, ‘an office’, ‘a personal services establishment’, and ‘a clinic’ to the list of permitted uses.




Manager, Planning Division

Report PLPD16-040

217 Murray Street




A report to evaluate the planning merits of amending the Zoning By-law from the PS.2 – Public Service District to the PS.2-304 – Public Service District to permit the use of the lands known as 217 Murray Street for an ‘emergency shelter’ in accordance with a proposed definition, and a multi-suite residence associated with the emergency shelter, in addition to the uses currently permitted in the PS.2 Zoning District, together with site specific regulations.



Manager, Planning Division

Report PLPD16-041

1119 Clonsilla Avenue




A report to evaluate the planning merits of amending the R.1,1m,2m – Residential Zoning District for the property known as 1119 Clonsilla Avenue to add a small scale office, clinic and a personal service establishment as permitted uses in addition to the permitted residential use, in accordance with the local commercial policies of the Official Plan.



Manager, Planning Division

Report PLPD16-003

Source Protection Waterfowl By-law




To enact a by-law, in accordance with Source Water Protection Planning Policies, that would prohibit the feeding of waterfowl at municipally owned parks located in proximity to the source of municipal drinking water particularly within Intake Protection Zones 1 and 2.


Other Business