Committee of Adjustment Agenda

Electronic Meeting

Address: 345 Armour Road
Applicant: Brian Burchardt, LandDesign
Owner: TVM 345 Armour Road Inc.
Assigned Planner: Christie Gilbertson

Address: 369 Hunter Street West
Applicant: Brian Buchardt, LandDesign
Owner: TVM Mansions Inc.
Assigned Planner: Christie Gilbertson

Address: 500 Towerhill Road
Applicant: Nicholas Swerdfeger, Barry Bryan Associates
Owner: 530970 Ontario Limited
Assigned Planner: Nolan Drumm

Address: 65 Roper Drive
Applicant: Ewa Pazdzior, Dwell Design Inc.
Owner: Greg Bishop and Neera Jeyabalan
Assigned Planner: Sarah Dilamarter

Address: 312 Cottonwood Road
Applicant: Michael Davenport, MJ Davenport & Associates Inc
Owner: Jeff Cunningham and Erin Cunningham
Assigned Planner: Sarah Dilamarter

Request to amend the conditions of Provisional Consent

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