Peterborough Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee Agenda

October 05, 2017

5:00 p.m.


Community Services Office



Call to Order



Confirmation of Minutes



September 7, 2017



Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest


Determination of items requiring separate consideration


For your convenience, circle the items you wish to consider separately:


Item Number      5      6      7



Heritage Resources Coordinator

Report PACAC17-033

Review of Heritage Conservation District Grant Applications




A report to recommend the review of grant applications for properties within the Avenues and Neighbourhood Heritage Conservation District (HCD).



Heritage Resources Coordinator

Report PACAC17-034

Doors Open 2018




A report to recommend that the PACAC approve funding for Doors Open Peterborough 2018.











Heritage Resources Coordinator

Report PACAC17-032

Heritage Designation of 500 Gilmour Street and 503 Homewood Avenue




A report to recommend that the PACAC recommend to Council that 500 Gilmour Street and 503 Homewood Avenue be designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.



Heritage Resources Coordinator

Report PACAC17-035

Zoning By-law Amendment 661 Park St. N.




A report to recommend that Zoning By-law Amendment Application Z1715 for 661 Park St. N. be received for information.



Heritage Resources Coordinator

Report PACAC17-031

October Heritage Preservation Office Report




A report to advise the PACAC on the monthly activities of the Heritage Preservation Office (HPO) for September, 2017.


Other Business


Next Meeting - November 2, 2017