Planning Committee Agenda

June 13, 2016

6:30 p.m.

Council Chambers



Opening of Meeting


Thirty Seconds of Reflection


National Anthem



Confirmation of Minutes



May 24, 2016



Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest


Determination of items requiring separate consideration


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Item Number     5      6


Public Meetings Under The Planning Act - Items 3 and 4



Manager, Planning Division

Report PLPD16-046

983-1003 Chemong Road (Deana Boulevard)




A report to evaluate the planning merits of amending the Zoning By-law from the R.1,1m,2m,4e – Residential District and from the R – Residential (Smith Township Zoning By-law) to the SP.364 (F) –H – Special Residential District, to permit the redevelopment of the lands to support a 2 storey multi unit residential apartment building with a maximum of 20 units and associated parking and landscaping.



Manager, Planning Division

Report PLPD16-047

909 Brealey Drive




A report to evaluate the planning merits of amending the Zoning By-law for the property known as 909 Brealey Drive to recognize the use of the property for a single detached dwelling unit. 



Manager, Planning Division

Report PLPD16-044

Proposed Amendments to the Sign By-law for the Regulation of Electronic Signs




A report to recommend an amendment to the City’s Sign By-law in order to modify some regulations with respect to Electronic Signs.



Manager, Planning Division

Report PLPD16-037

Removal of “H” – Holding Symbol from the Zoning of the property at 900 Water Street




A report to recommend the removal of the “H” – Holding Symbol from the zoning of the property at 900 Water Street.


Other Business