Planning Committee Agenda

January 30, 2017

6:30 p.m.

Council Chambers



Opening of Meeting



Thirty Seconds of Reflection


National Anthem



Confirmation of Minutes



November 21, 2016



Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest


Determination of items requiring separate consideration


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Item Number     6


Public Meetings Under The Planning Act – Items 3, 4 and 5



Manager, Planning Division

Report PLPD17-003

53 Leahy's Lane




A report to evaluate the planning merits of amending the zoning of the property known as 53 Leahy’s Lane from R.1 – Residential District to R.3-311 – Residential District to permit the redevelopment of the lands for two 5 unit dwellings with associated parking and landscaping.













Manager, Planning Division

Report PLPD17-004

737 and 739 Hemlock Street




A report to evaluate the planning merits of amending the zoning of the properties known as 737 and 739 Hemlock Street from the D.1 – Development District and from R.1,1r,2r,8z – Residential District to R.1,1r,2r,8z-310’H’ – Residential District to permit development within 45 m of the centre line of a controlled access arterial street (The Parkway).  The applicant intends to use the southerly portion of the lands for a swimming pool and to allow a covered deck at the back of the existing dwelling at 737 Hemlock Street, subject to the consolidation of the two parcels. 



Manager, Planning Division

Report PLPD17-005

Temporary Use Zoning By-law Amendment Z1621 2064086 Ontario Limited (Mason Homes Limited) 827 Broadway Boulevard (Block 64, Plan 45M-247)




A report to evaluate the planning merits of an application for a Temporary Use Zoning By-law pursuant to Section 39 of the Planning Act to permit the subject lands to be used as a new homes sales court consisting of a new-home sales office and seven model homes for a period of up to three years.




Manager, Planning Division

Report PLPD17-006

Execution of Agreement with Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster




A report to recommend the execution of an agreement between the City and Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster (G.P.I.C.) for seed funding to establish an entrepreneur centre in the Downtown in accordance with the City Capital Budget.


Other Business