Arenas, Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Agenda

June 20, 2017

5:30 p.m.

Auditorium – Community Services Office

210 Wolfe Street



Call To Order



Confirmation of Minutes



May 16, 2017



Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest


Determination of items requiring separate consideration


For your convenience, circle the items you wish to consider separately:


Item Number    5



Recreation Division Coordinator

Report APRAC17-021

Peterborough Housing Project – Impact on Bonnerworth Park




A report to inform of the implications to Bonnerworth Park resulting from the Peterborough Housing Corporation’s construction project at the former Fleming College McCrea campus. 



Recreation Division Coordinator

Report APRAC17-022

Ontario Power Boat Racing Event




A report to inform of an annual Ontario Power Boat Racing Association event planned to take place on Little Lake beginning in September 2017.



Recreation Division Coordinator

Report APRAC17-023

Community Garden in Whitefield Park




A report to inform of a request to establish a community garden within Whitefield Park.




Other Business


Next Meeting - September 19, 2017