Finance Committee Meeting Agenda

Meeting #:
Council Chambers, City Hall

This meeting is scheduled to reconvene January 14, 15 and 16, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.

Paul Armstrong, Housing is Fundamental
Jim Russell, United Way of Peterborough & District
Brianna Salmon, GreenUP
Marie Bongard, 461 Albert Street
Tricia Clarkson, Peterborough Alliance for Climate Action
Tanya Pye, Fleming College, Early Childhood Educator
Guy Hanchet, For Our Grandchildren
Drew Merrett, Merrett Home Hardware
Jill Staveley, 503 Murray Street
Susan Ditta, Electric City Culture Council
Ian Attridge, Reimagine Peterborough
Fred Hahn, CUPE Ontario
Malcolm Byard, Peterborough Folk Festival
Michelle Bacon, 972 Rae Avenue
Dana Jordan, 441 Gordon Avenue
Kaia, 505 King Street
Jim Godby, 167 Prince Street
Kevin Elson, 52 McDonnel Street
Peter T Litster, 368 Brock Street
Maggie O’Rourke, 520 Weller Street
Nica Ossa Williams, 1238 Clonsilla Avenue
Bill Smith, CUPE local 126
Simon Weigh, 1429 Villiers Line
John Kaufman, 110 Sophia Street
Leif Einarson, Kids Matter Peterborough
Roy Brady, 304-136 Ware Street
Sean Paul Cowling, 192 Rubidge Street
Sheila Olan-MacLean, Compass Early Learning & Care
Joanne Bazak-Brokking, Income Security Peterborough

Report CLSFS19-056

  • Councillor Akapo declared a conflict on this item. (Community Services Administration - Operating Budget, New Canadian Centre (page 137 and Appendix A - sub-item "x"), due to her employment at the New Canadians Centre.)

Report CSSS20-004

  • Councillor Vassiliadis declared a conflict on this item. (He has confirmed business with The Mount Community Centre in 2020.)
  • Dean Pappas declared a conflict on this item. (He has family that lives in close proximity to The Mount Community Centre)