Minutes Of A Special Joint

Services Steering


December 3, 2012

Sutherland Room

City Hall

Draft Minutes Not Approved


The meeting was called to order at 4:30 p.m. in the Sutherland Room, City Hall by Vice-Chair Gerow.



Warden J. Murray Jones, County of Peterborough

Councillor Ron Gerow, County of Peterborough, Vice Chair

Councillor Andy Mitchell, County of Peterborough

Councillor Jim Whelan, County of Peterborough

Mayor Daryl Bennett, City of Peterborough

Councillor Andrew Beamer, City of Peterborough, 4:48 p.m.

Councillor Henry Clarke, City of Peterborough

Councillor Len Vass, City of Peterborough





Yvette Peplinskie, Deputy Treasurer, County of Peterborough

Brian Horton, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Peterborough

Ken Doherty, Director of Community Services, City of Peterborough

Sandra Clancy, Director of Corporate Services, City of Peterborough

Malcolm Hunt, Director of Planning and Development Services, City of Peterborough

Linda Mitchelson, Manager, Social Services Division, City of Peterborough

Susan Bacque, Manager of Housing, City of Peterborough

Dorothy Olver, Manager, Homelessness/Addictions, Social Services Division, City of Peterborough

John Kennedy, City Clerk, City of Peterborough




Disclosure of Interest


There were no Disclosures of Interest.



Report CSSSJSSC12-010

Provincial Funding Changes for Some Housing and Homelessness Support Services in 2013

Ken Doherty, Director of Community Services, City of Peterborough

Malcolm Hunt, Director of Planning and Development Services, City of Peterborough


 Moved by Councillor Mitchell, seconded by Councillor Clarke


That the Joint Services Steering Committee endorse the recommendations outlined in Report CSSSJSSC12-010 dated December 3, 2012, of the Directors of Community Services and Planning and Development Services, as follows:


a)            That the Mayor and Clerk be authorized to sign the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative (CHPI) Administration Agreement with the Province;


b)           That the Directors of the Planning and Development Services and Community Services Departments be delegated the authority to develop, submit and update the CHPI Investment Plan as required by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH), and to finalize the use of CHPI funding;


c)            That the 2012 service levels and agreements be maintained in 2013 for five housing and homelessness services for low-income households delivered by community agencies (specifically for Emergency and Domiciliary Hostels, Homelessness Co-ordinated Response Team, County Connect, Emergency Energy Fund, and Rent Bank), and the remaining balance of the CHPI funding currently estimated at $576,107 be designated for social assistance recipients for emergency housing assistance to be maintained and delivered by Social Services staff, to partially compensate for the elimination by the province of Community Start-up and Maintenance Benefits (Community Start Up); and


d)        That $350,000 be added to the 2013 Social Services budget to provide additional funds for individuals experiencing housing emergencies for Housing support and homelessness services, $60,000 to come from the County and the $290,000 City portion of this fund to be drawn from the Social Services Reserve.


Committee at it meeting of December 3, 2012 made the following recommendation:


e)         That a staff report be provided to Committee in April 2013 to provide an update to determine if funding levels are adequate and to work toward a “made in Peterborough” solution.





Next Meeting


The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 10, 2012.





Moved by Councillor Clarke, seconded by Councillor Beamer


That the Joint Services Steering Committee adjourn at 5:13 p.m.






 John Kennedy

City Clerk




Councillor Gerow


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