Arenas, Parks And Recreation Advisory Committee Agenda

February 28, 2017

5:30 p.m.

Sutherland Room

Peterborough City Hall



Call To Order



Election of Officers






Vice Chair



Confirmation of Minutes



October 18, 2016



Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest


Determination of items requiring separate consideration


For your convenience, circle the items you wish to consider separately:


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Recreation Division Coordinator

Report APRAC17-003

Ultimate Frisbee Presentation




A report to introduce a presentation by Mr. John Desbiens, from the Ultimate Frisbee League.



Recreation Division Coordinator

Report APRAC17-004

Recreation Administration 2017 Work Activities Overview




A report to provide an overview, through a presentation by the City’s Recreation Division Coordinator, of the major work activities to be undertaken by Recreation Administration in 2017.




Project Manager, Facilities and Planning Initiatives

Report APRAC17-005

Facilities and Planning Initiatives 2017 Work Plan Overview




A report to provide an overview of the work plan to be completed in 2017 by the City’s Project Manager of Facilities and Planning Initiatives.



Recreation Division Coordinator

Parks and Forestry Supervisor

Report APRAC17-002

Water Access for Community Gardens




A report to inform of the outcome of discussions between City Staff, the Peterborough Utilities Commission, and the Nourish Project about options for the provision of reliable water sources at community garden sites within the City of Peterborough.



Recreation Division Coordinator

Report APRAC17-006

2017 Special Occasion Permits




A report to request that the Arenas Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee endorse the issuance of Public Event Special Occasion Permits for 2017 outdoor public events, that do not require a Municipal Designation, and are occurring on City property.



Recreation Division Coordinator

Report APRAC17-007

2017/18 City Sponsored Events




A report to request specific community events and activities be designated as City Sponsored, and be covered under the City’s insurance.



Recreation Division Coordinator

Report APRAC17-001

2017 APRAC Meeting Schedule




A report to request approval of the proposed 2017 Arenas Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee meeting schedule.


Other Business

Next Meeting - March 21, 2017