Museum & Archives Advisory Committee

City of Peterborough

June 12, 2014




Minutes of a Meeting of Museum & Archives Advisory Committee Held on June 12, 2014 in the Fleming Annex, Museum.


The meeting of the Museum & Archives Advisory Committee was called to order at

5:10 p.m. by Nancy Jackson, Chair, in the Fleming Annex, Peterborough Museum & Archives. 



Janice Millard

Nancy Jackson, Chair

Linda Lumsden

Morgan Tamplin

Gayle McIntyre

Karen Carter-Edwards

Ann Sullivan

Dave Smith



Councillor Pappas



Susan Neale, Museum Director

Kendra Sedgwick, Committee Coordinator



Minutes – May 8, 2014


Moved by Gayle McIntyre


That the minutes of the Museum & Archives Advisory Committee meeting held on May 8, 2014 be approved.





Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest


There were no disclosures of interest.



Museum Director

Report MAAC14-010

Peterborough Museum & Archives: Renewal Project Update


The Committee received a tour of the construction area.  Committee members indicated their pleasure with the work that has been completed to date.


Moved by David Smith


That the Museum & Archives Advisory Committee approve the recommendation outlined in Report MAAC14-010 dated June 12, 2014, of the Museum Director, as follows:


That the presentation by the Museum Director, City of Peterborough, be received for information.





Moved by Linda Lumsden


That Museum staff be commended for their tireless commitment and effort in providing programs to our residents during the disruption of the complex construction project.





Other Business  


There were no items of Other Business.



Next Meeting


The Chair indicated that the next meeting is scheduled for October 2, 2014.



Moved by David Smith


That this meeting of the Museum & Archives Advisory Committee adjourn at 6:09 p.m.





Kendra Sedgwick

Committee Coordinator



Nancy Jackson


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