Minutes of Joint Services

Steering Committee

September 21, 2017

Council Chambers

City Hall



The meeting was called to order at 3:45 p.m. by Councillor Gerow, Chair in the Council Chambers, City Hall.



Warden Taylor, County of Peterborough

Councillor Smith, County of Peterborough

Councillor Gerow, County of Peterborough, Chair

Councillor McFadden, County of Peterborough

Mayor Daryl Bennett, City of Peterborough

Councillor Baldwin, City of Peterborough

Councillor Beamer, City of Peterborough

Councillor Clarke, City of Peterborough 



Gary King, Chief Administrative Officer, County of Peterborough

Wayne Jackson, Director of Utility Services, City of Peterborough

Yvette Peplinskie, Deputy Treasurer, County of Peterborough

Ken Doherty, Director of Community Services, City of Peterborough

Jeffrey Humble, Director of Planning and Development Services

Sandra Clancy, Director of Corporate Services, City of Peterborough

Linda Mitchelson, Manager, Social Services Division Manager, City of Peterborough

Randy Mellow, Chief, Peterborough County/City Paramedics

John Kennedy, City Clerk, City of Peterborough



Minutes of the Meeting of June 8, 2017


Moved by Councillor Smith, seconded by Councillor Clarke


That the minutes of the meeting of June 8, 2017 be approved.





Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest


There were no disclosures of Pecuniary Interest.



Manager of Social Services Division, City of Peterborough

Report CSSSJSSC17-007

Ontario Early Years System and Child and Family Centres Transformation Plan Update


Linda Mitchelson, Manager of Social Services, provided a presentation.


Moved by Councillor Baldwin, seconded by Councillor Clarke


That the Joint Services Steering Committee endorse the recommendations outlined in Report CSSSJSSC17-007 dated September 21, 2017 of the Manager of Social Services, as follows:


a)           That a presentation from Linda Mitchelson, Manager of Social Services on the latest developments in the transformation of the Child Care and Early Years system be received; and


b)           That the recommendations outlined in Appendix A be adopted and used to guide negotiations for service agreements.





Director of Finance/Treasurer, County of Peterborough

Chief of Paramedics, PCCP, County of Peterborough

Peterborough County/City Paramedics Service (PCCP) Preliminary Draft 2018 Budget


Randy Mellow, Chief of Paramedics, provided a presentation.


Moved by Councillor Smith, seconded Clarke


That the Warden and Mayor send a letter to the Honourable Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, explaining the challenges involved in developing budgets when the province delays announcing their funding for the Land Ambulance Services Program.





Moved by Councillor Clarke, seconded by Councillor Smith


That the Joint Services Steering Committee (JSSC) receive the preliminary draft 2018 PCCP budget proposal and approve it to be forwarded to the City of Peterborough to act as a preliminary estimate to assist the City in their 2018 budget development.







Moved by Councillor Beamer, seconded by Warden Taylor


That the letter received from the Ministry of Housing regarding the Province’s Home For Good (HFG) Initiative be received for information.





Other Business


The Chair recognized the retirement of County CAO, Gary King.



Next Meeting


The Chair indicated that the next meeting will be on Thursday, October 26, 2017.





Moved by Councillor Baldwin, seconded by Mayor Bennett


That the Joint Services Steering Committee adjourn at 4:29 p.m.





John Kennedy

City Clerk



Councillor Gerow